Huiquin Wang: SILK ROAD. From Marco Polo to Hallerstein

Open from 1 October 2018 to 15 February 2019 at the National Museum of Slovenia
The creations of Huiqin Wang, an artist renowned both in China and Slovenia, cover various areas, and especially noteworthy is her work as an author and illustrator of three books on the Silk Road, about the astronomer Hallerstein, painter Castiglione, and Marco Polo. Her works are therefore not to be missed at the exhibition The Gold of Chinese Emperors, connecting both cultures, both worlds.

When we think of the vast expanses that both geographically and culturally separate Slovenia and China, they seem to be two separate worlds, with differences so great that they are difficult to overcome. A thousand years of empire and a young country, a human anthill and a small, boutique state. This is a world that we find exotic and markedly different. 
Of course, we are also aware of the ubiquitous points of contact marked by today's globalized world, which is why we know that both countries are much closer than they appear on the map. 
China is not as distant and unknown as it seems at first glance. One of the branches of the Silk Road led to Venice, thus bringing fabulous fabrics and precious vessels to the territory of present-day Slovenia, as well. Connections did exist, even though they differed from those we know today. 
There are different ways in which either physical or spiritual distances between countries can be overcome. Throughout history they have been bridged by our ancestors, the most famous of which was certainly the astronomer Hallerstein. Later on, Alma Karlin stopped there on her way around the world and vividly described her experiences. Chinese artefacts were a part of numerous collections, the largest and most famous being Skušek’s collection, which is presently housed at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum.
The easiest way to connect different worlds is through art. This is how painter Huiqin Wang tied the red thread of fate, connecting our world with hers. In fact, both worlds are hers today, and their intertwinement makes it possible for us to get closer to them at first, and then to get to know them in all their differences and similarities.
 Huiquin Wang: Chinese Situla, 2018