PATHS OF THE SAMURAI. Japanese arms and martial culture in Slovenia

Open from 31 May to 5 Novemer 2017 at the National Museum of Slovenia – Metelkova 
The figure of the Japanese warrior – the samurai – his weapons, fighting skills, and worldview have excited our imagination for at least a century and a half – since the land of the rising sun opened itself to the rest of the world after a long period of isolation. 
Samurai armour from the Edo period, 18th century, kept by the National Museum of Slovenia.
The samurai’s arms as well as his ethos and worldview have become a unique bridge between the Japanese culture and the West. It's hardly a coincidence that Slovenes also are fascinated by the masterly crafted blades, sublime philosophy, art, and martial arts of ancient Japan. However, we are often not aware how profound these contacts are. This is the reason that, with the support of the Japan Embassy in the Republic of Slovenia, the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, the National Museum of Slovenia is preparing its first comprehensive exhibition of about 50 selected items of Japanese weapons and armour from the museum’s as well as several private collections in order to portray the warriors that once used them, the world they lived in, and the paths by which the legacy of the samurai reached the Slovenes. 
The preparations for the exhibition have been underway for several years, and during this time the collection of Japanese arms and armour at the National Museum of Slovenia will be evaluated and explored in greater detail. This could not be done without the assistance of many collaborators and experts, in particular, Mr Massimo Rossi, a master of Japanese sword polishing and secretary general of the Itaria Nihon Tōken Kyōkai association.

Opening of the Exhibition 
Tuesday, May 30, 7 PM

Japanese Day
Saturday, June 10, 10 AM – 7 PM

Bushido in Transformation: Japanese Warrior Culture and Martiality
Friday – Saturday, August 25 – 26, 9 AM – 6 PM

Martial Arts Day
Saturday, August 26, 10 AM – 1 PM